The Blessed Life

THE-BLESSED-LIFE Psalm 1 gives a clear description of a blessed life. The psalmist decribes the blessed person as one who is like a tree that has an inexhaistible supply of water. This results in a life that continually bears good fruit and success.

Can you picture a life giving tree that always bears fruit in its season? Apples & pears; figs and berries -   A life giving source to those around it. What a fantastic  picture of a blessed life!

A blessed life is a life that enables, encorages and refreshes other lives. A blessed life is one that is a constant source of blessing to others.

It isn't a life that is preoccupied with its own needs and desires. It is preoccupied with being healthy with the intention of being a source of health for others. It is a person that is securely planted by a stream of life giving water.

I know of no other stream of life giving water that is more reliable or more available than the one found  in life of Christ. Jesus said that anyone who goes to Him will receive life giving water. (John 4:14) Christ is the source of eternal life giving water.

I want to live a blessed life as described here in Psalm 1; a life that bears good fruit and is securely planted by Christ's life giving stream. You probably do too ...

Psalm 1 is a beautiful description of and instruction for a blessed life. A blessed life can be yours. Why not take a few minutes to read this Psalm and reflect on its words? You'll be glad you did. (click here to read Psalm 1)

Have you thought about what would be like to live a truly blessed life? How would you describe it?