Dear Old Dad


Over the years my appreciation of my father has grown. I know he wasn’t perfect. He had faults and made mistakes, as we all do. I do know, however, that he did love us and care for us. He made many sacrifices. He did his best to give us as many advantages as possible.

My perspective of Dad grew as I grew. Maybe you have had a similar experience.

Up to the age of 10, I was like most children, completely dependent on my parents. I thought dear old Dad could do nothing wrong. My dear old Dad, in particular, was the greatest and the best.

From the ages of 11 to 14, I started to notice that dear old Dad wasn’t as perfect as I had thought. For one thing, he wasn’t as cool as he used to be and he really did not really know everything; in fact, I thought, he there were some serious flaws in dear old Dad’s coat of armour.

When I turned 15 years of age and until I reached the approximate age of 20, I had figured dear of Dad out. He didn’t know much and what He did know didn’t impress me at all. Now, I still loved him and had respect for him but I began to think that dear of Dad didn’t have much more to teach me.

Can you spell n-a-i-v-e? I couldn’t.

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I began to wake up to the fact that dear old Dad had experience, wisdom and knowledge; some of which could be of great benefit to me. I learned to value his advice and ask for his input. You see by this time, I had experienced some failures; some blunders to be honest. Failures have a way of teaching lessons that can’t seem to be learned any other way. I realized that I needed some help, advice and direction. Dear old Dad was the one person I could turn to, and I so very appreciative of that.

I wish I could have wished my father a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ this past weekend. Sadly, I could only wish it. Dear old Dad passed away in 1997 after a battle with cancer and he is missed very much. He died at an early age of 52. I hadn’t even turned 30. I miss him very much, as all of his family and friends do.

I am grateful for the time I have had with my father; I just wish I had cherished it more. I understand that I have been blessed beyond what many have had; I just wish I would have listened more.

Someday I will see dear old Dad again; someday we’ll be reunited but until then, I won’t spend more time on regret; it’s not what dear old Dad would’ve wanted. I believe he would have wanted me to pass on what he gave me to my family; to my children and the world around me.

Father’s day only comes once a year but we can show our appreciation more regularly. Make sure you cherish the time given and embrace the gift of dear old Dad.

Question: How has your appreciation or understanding of your father grown or changed over the years?