Happy Canada Day, eh?

Today is Canada’s birthday … there have been so many I’ll have to google to find out how many.
Hey, I sometime have to do the math to figure out my own age now; too many birthdays to count.
Ok … Google says it is Canada’s 148th birthday.
Canada has been around a little while but, relatively speaking, is a young country.
I am very fortunate to call this place home.
There are things that I am not proud of concerning our country, both historically and presently, but overall I am very proud of what our country is and what our country has to offer.
We have been a very blessed country and we still are. While many reasons can be pointed to, I believe that one primary reason stands out from among them all.
Etched in the archway of the Canadian Parliament Building are the words from Psalm 72:8 “He Shall Have Dominion from Sea to Sea”.
This was the founding principle of the early Canadian government. I understand that our founding fathers had many weaknesses and faults. It sometimes lead them to participate in acts that we consider utterly wrong and even cruel. There are no excuses for these actions.
With this being true, it is important to recognize that many of the laws of our great land, while imperfect, were originally built upon Judeo-Christian values, such as the Ten Commandments and other scriptural or moral standards.
Now, we have left these founding cornerstones of our great Country. I believe to our detriment. We are chartering unknown territory without compass, measuring rod or standard. A compass helps point the way; a measuring rod helps build soundly; a standard lays a solid foundation.
Though, this may be true, we have an opportunity to go against the norm; to live our lives with compass, a measuring rod laid upon a firm foundation. We have the privilege to serve as disciples of Christ in a culture being tossed to and fro upon the sea of opinion. We can build on a firm foundation instead of shifting sand.
In ancient Israel, as people were tempted to forget the foundation of faith in God and go their own way,  Joshua is quoted as saying, “… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15 KJV)
Like Joshua, we have a choice. Like Joshua, I would encourage all to serve the Lord.
I do believe that there is great potential for this country and for its people. Canadians have more opportunity than most people on this planet. We have freedom here in Canada. We have the right and privilege to live as we choose. What a great privilege and responsibility we have been given. We ought to celebrate our country; its heritage and its potential.
Happy Canada Day Everyone!
Question: How are you celebrating this year? How are your celebrations changed over the years?