In Case You Haven't Heard ...

In case you haven’t heard … our service times are changing back to mornings!

In August we entered into a season of afternoon services at Grace Community Church and, although we are grateful, we feel that that season is over. We are going back to having our regular Sunday Celebration Services at 10:45 AM and we will be meeting at the Pyramid Recreational Centre on James St.South. This change will happen on Valentine’s Sunday, February 14th and we are looking forward to it!

We will be having our service in the 1/3 main hall with our main entrance being through the Friendship Centre doors. Sunday School (JK to GR6) will be held during the services in their own rooms located in the Friendship Centre itself. All in one neat, safe and well maintained community building… nice :)

This new season in the life of LRC will be one that will enable us to be in the heart of the community enabling us to reach more of our community for Christ.

Please pray and praise God with me as we look forward to this new season together.