Precious Patience

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” James 1:2-3 NKJV 'Really? I am supposed to count it all joy when I encounter a trial? Are you sure James?'

Trials aren’t easy; they aren’t supposed to be. If they were they wouldn’t be called trials; they’d be called something else - like breezes or walks in the park. No, they are called trials and to count them all joy seems counter intuitive; even a little wonky.

I like it when things are easy and struggles are minimal; where the milk and honey flow with little more effort than turning on a tap. That I can enjoy; that I can embrace.

But what James said was to count it joy when you face trials and hardships; seems a little strange, don’t you think? Why would James write such counter intuitive advice?

James’ reasoning is not of human origins but was inspired by the Holy Spirit. He clearly states that trials and hardships produce a valuable commodity in the Christian soul ~ patience. Patience is something that we all desperately need; more than ease and breeze.

Patience enables one to hold on tenaciously when others would have long ago given up.

Patience enables one to get up, yet again, in spite of the several times of being knocked down for the count.

Patience empowers hope for the harvest after the sowing of the last of your seed into the ground beneath your feet; even with the taste of dirt still in your mouth.

Patience enables one to continue to stand clothed in the whole armour of God, refusing to leave your God given post until the victory comes.

Patience holds fast to the promises of God, refusing let go or turn aside because it knows that our God does not fail nor does He lie.

Patience is this and much, much more.

Patience is a valuable commodity in the Christian soul. It can't be bought, taught or caught. Patience can only be developed.

Patience is developed in trials. Patience grows during hardship. Patience blossoms when everything else goes bust.

So the next time you face a trial or a difficulty, remember that this will result in greater patience which is more valuable than gold or precious stones.

Lord, give us the proper perspective when facing trials. Give us the courage to face them with the anticipation of knowing that the testing of our faith develops patience ~ a most valuable asset for our walk.