3D Relationships

Often, when a person goes to the movie theatre, they get an option to view the film in 3D. Sometimes, it is fun to take that option over the regular 2D screening.  

Now, we live in a three dimensional world which includes height, depth and width. If either of those would suddenly disappear our world would change dramatically. It would become a two dimensional world; flat and without substance.

As ridiculous as this seems, many people approach life in this way. Particularly, their relational life is treated as if it only had two or, sometimes, one dimension. Consequently, many people’s relational lives remain unfulfilling; flat and without substance.

A person who has a healthy relational life will have 3D relationships. A person is better able to lead a more fulfilling life if these three dimensions are healthy.


Humanity was created with the capacity and need to have healthy relationship in three dimensions; internal, vertical and horizontal.


We each have internal workings within ourselves that cannot be overlooked or ignored. We have a soul that needs care and nurture. Unfortunately, each of us are damaged goods. We are born that way and often life itself brings with it knocks and bruises that cause further damage to our souls.

God cares about our internal relationship within ourselves. He made a way that we could experience an internal rebirth. This rebirth makes a person new in Christ. (John 3:3; 2 Corinthians 5:17)

This experience is the beginning of a healthy internal relationship. It isn’t the end but it is a good beginning. God cares enough about us to continue this work within us so that we can experience a healthy internal relationship.

This internal relationship is important to a person’s well being.


We are created beings with a capacity for a relationship with our Creator. This vertical relationship is something for which we have, not only have the capacity, but also the need.

Genesis tells us the story of the fall of humanity. It is a story of broken relationship between the creator and His creation. The close personal relationship that God had with humanity was broken. (Genesis 3)

God cared enough to send His Son to restore the opportunity for this vertical relationship. This is the good news; that God desires to have a personal relationship with ordinary human beings. (John 3:17; Matthew 18:11)

This vertical relationship is what we’ve been created for and it is also vital to a person’s well being.


We each have relationships with other human beings. God created us with an obvious need to have others in our daily lives. The blessing of family, friends and acquaintances can bring fulfillment and meaning.

God cares about this part of our lives. Nowhere is this more evident than in scripture. The Bible spends a great deal of time on the interworking of these horizontal relationships; almost every book deals with this topic in some form.

Admittedly, these interpersonal relationships are sometimes most challenging but also they can also be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. To enjoy the benefits of healthy horizontal relationships we must give them the attention and care they deserve.

Healthy horizontal relationships are integral part of a person’s well being.

God created us with a capacity and a need for healthy relationships in all three dimensions (internally, vertically and horizontally). He created us to live in 3D with a healthy internal relations; life is better in 3D.

Let’s be encouraged to give attention to all three dimensions. We can’t afford to ignore or discount either one. To do so is to live flatly and without substance. It is better to live fully and with substance.

Life is better in 3D. 

What are your thoughts on 3D relationships? Do you tend to pay more attention to one over another?

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