Judging is a Bad Idea

On January 15th we talked about the subject of judging in a sermon called 'Judging is a bad idea'. It is now available here. In it we dig into some of the reasons we ought not to judge others. Please feel free to check it out and/or share it.

Today, I'd like to highlight a thought or two that comes from that message ... I hope it helps bring it home to each of us.

In Matthew 7:1, Jesus said ~ "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

To pass judgement on someone means to condemn them, look down on them and to right them off as valueless. 

Jesus said that we are not to do this. He warned that if we did, we endanger ourselves of being judged in the same way. This is a dire warning having dire consequences ~ Judge and you will be judged. 

We have a tendency to want to pass judgement on someone when they do not meet our expectations or standards. We tend to do this without much thought but Jesus is warning us to not dismiss anyone, count out anyone or regard anyone as having little to no value.

When Jesus gave His life on Calvary, He did so because He believed that everyone has value and everyone has worth. He died to give an opportunity for everyone to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:3)

When we judge someone we are discounting them. When we judge someone we are counting them as lost, never to be found. When we judge someone we are saying that they no longer have any value.

The next time we are tempted to pass judgement on someone as worthless, stupid or un-save-able let's remember that we are not the Judge. We would do well to remember that Jesus died for the ungodly, the undeserving and wretched ~ as were some of us. We would do well to remember that Jesus considers everyone human being as worth dying for.

There is a Judge who will judge fairly, accurately and with authority. The good news is that He is not only a righteous Judge, He is also gracious and patient. 

Let's leave the judging to Him and just be a witness for Jesus in this world ...

How does the idea that Jesus values everyone and that no one un-save-able affect how you treat the difficult people in your life? How does judging hinder the ability to love and reach people for Jesus?

You can leave your comments our blog page. I'd love to read your thoughts ... thank you.