Jesus works from the inside out

January 8th's message entitled 'God's Plans & My Plans' is now available at 

The message is one that you won't want to miss and may want to share with others. Understanding how God's plans and our plans relate is important. It may even change the course of your year and life for the better. 

There were many important points in Sunday's message but I would like to reiterate one of them.

God's works from the inside out.


Why would Jesus want to start working on my internal life? 

Wouldn't it be easier to fix some of the messed up circumstances clearly seen all around me instead of the attitudes inside me?

Personally, I would like for Jesus to fix my finances by giving me a great big inheritence. I would like for Jesus to fix my marriage by fixing my wife (just joking; please don't tell her I said this 😉). I would like Jesus to fix all my aches, pains and problems. If I didn't have any problems, I think I would be much better off.

Jesus doesn't usually work like that. Sure, He does miracles just like He did in the gospel accounts. Sure, He loves to do supernatural things; sometimes, I think, just to show off ... but more often to get our attention so that He can do some real work on the inside.

Jesus is more concerned about working on my internal life because He knows that my internal life affects my life and lives around me.

Jesus knows that it is better to fix messed up heart condition because the rewards of a healthy and transformed heart are exponetially more effective for the Kingdom and for me.

Proverbs advises us that we would be wise to guard our heart more than anything else, because the source of our life flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23 GW).

Jesus knows how important a healthy internal life is.

The work of our Saviour begins on the inside and works it way to the outside.

esus works from the inside out.

How is the Lord at work in your heart? How do your goals and plans for 2017 reinforce the internal work Jesus is doing in your heart?