#LetsTalk - Real Struggles/Real Freedom

Many of us have dealt with a mood disorders, either personally or we know of someone we love and care about who has had real struggles. My prayer is that this brief blog posting help real people with real struggles find real freedom. 

It is sad that when someone shares their real struggle with someone they trust they are often given advice that goes something like this ...

'What you need to do is pray more, go to church more, worship more, read your Bible more, have more faith' 

This kind of advice is given by well meaning people but it is, at best, incomplete and, at worst, cruel dismissal of genuine suffering and genuine struggle.

At our most recent PAOC district conference, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Grant Mullen speak informatively and intelligently concerning this subject. He spoke about his experiences as a Christian Doctor trying to help struggling people. He spoke about finding real freedom from real struggles in the area of mood disorders. I was intrigued and felt that I needed to discover more to be better equipped, so I purchased his book entitled 'Emotional Freedom ~ a prescription for healing of body, soul and spirit'.

I appreciate Dr. Mullen's well rounded approach to this issue as a devoted follower of Christ and Medical Doctor. He writes of specific examples of how real people deal with real struggles of mood disorder and mental health and find real emotional freedom in through Jesus. 

I also appreciate how he honestly shares his own journey of transformation and healing and that of his marriage relationship. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in being better equipped and informed to help themselves and others.

If you've ever struggled in this area or know someone that has, I would reccommend watching this video interview with Dr. Mullen conducted by 100 Huntley Street about his book. There is also plenty of information available for free on his website www.drgrantmullen.com that may be incredibly helpful.

So many deal with mood disorders or mental health issues; often silently. I believe it is time to bring these real struggles into the open so that real freedom can be found. My prayer is that this brief blog posting bring some help to real people with real struggles.  

If you are struggling please know that there is hope and help available for you. If you are doing well in this area please join me in prayerful support for people with real struggle for real freedom. Jesus died for nothing less. Here is our special email address for prayer requests; prayer@livingrockchurch.ca . Please feel free to contact me there at anytime.

If you feel this brief posting is worthwhile sharing, please feel free to do so. 

I would also love to hear feedback on this very important topic, so if you would leave a comment on the blog page it would be greatly appreciated.