One Hour

One hour.

'Couldn’t you keep watch for one hour?’ (Mark 14:7)

Jesus asked this of His disciples when facing the crucifixion.

Could we not pray for one hour?


Prayer can change things.

Prayer can change circumstances.

Prayer can change people.

Prayer is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)


One hour has the potential to change circumstances for the better.

One hour has the potential to change hearts and lives for the better.

One hour of prayer is a powerful and effective hour.


One week has one hundred sixty hours. 

Could we not pray for one of those hours?

One hour represents one half, of one percent, of one week.

One hour a week or ten minutes a day (with Sundays off)


Imagine the difference one hour could make.

Imagine the potential that would be released.

Imagine changed lives and changed circumstance.

Imagine … just one hour.


Would you commit to one hour per week?

Please consider joining me and others this week as we begin this one hour challenge.


To help us pray in unity and with focus a suggested prayer guide is available for each month. 

May’s prayer focus is for God’s protection and help for our families.

Let's join together to pray …

One hour.


This month’s prayer guide can be found at under the tab ‘pray’.