Our history in St. Marys goes back to 1962.  At that time we were called St. Marys Pentecostal Assembly, pastored by Ron and Ida Hall, and meeting in a room above a meat market at 71 Queen Street. We moved to a basement room in the library but quickly outgrew it. Next we met in IOOF Hall on the corner of Peel and Queen Streets and our pastors were Lyle and Kay Carbert. The congregation disbanded and merged with Bethel in Stratford.

In 1982 Roger and Debbie Dunscombe arrived from Parkhill and pastored the church in their home initially, then in West Ward School on Ontario Street. The school is now the St. Marys Day Nursery. There was a period of time somewhere in this interval when there were no worship meetings.

From 1986 to 1989 Pastor Terry Weber and his wife Sharon pastored the church in Central School gymnasium. The church purchased the building at 14 Church Street in 1987. This building had been a Lyric Movie Theatre and an antique store. There were two youth pastors at this time, Joe Lefneski and John Latham, who served consecutively. 

It was also during this time that evening outreach events. A flat bed trailer was loaned to us by Hutton Transport for use as a platform. Outreaches included "movies in the park" at the FLATS ball park pavilion and presentations of "Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames" in the St.Marys town hall auditorium. A local bakery supplied cookies 'galore' for the many outreach meetings.

The church became involved in the Canadian FoodGrains Bank in 1993 and maintains its support of this organization to the present day. We participate with other local congregations in a food growing project raising funds localling. The fellowship of the PAOC is directly involved through ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas) on a global scale.

Other note worthy pastors include Darrel McIntyre (1989 to 1993), David and Cora Harris (1993 to 1994), and Greg and Colleen Clairmont (1994 to 1997).

From 1997 to 2006 Ken and Andrea Jacob pastored the congregation with youth pastor Bob Crump, and his wife Susan until 2003.

It was in 2003 that the name of the congregation was changed from St. Marys Pentecostal Assembly to Living Rock Church, and the building at 14 Church Street was sold. The church began meeting at the Friendship Centre on Park Street, moving with them when the Centre relocated to the Pyramid Recreational Centre on James Street South.

David Harris returned as an interim pastor in 2006 until Bethel Pentecostal Church of Stratford, and Pastor Charles Swartwood, came along side to lend strength and spiritual oversight in September of that same year. Pastor Jim and Maxine Williams began pastoring here since that time. 

LRC (accronym for Living Rock Church) began meeting at Arthur Meighen School January, 2007 and in 2010 in Litlle Falls Public School when the new school was built. In the summer of 2015 LRC rented the facility of Grace Community Church for afternoon services but reverted to morning services on Valentine's Day of 2016 that LRC began meeting at the Pyramid Centre on James St. South. 

There have been many people who have been loyal and faithful pilgrims in our church. We are so thankful to each one. 

Many thanks go to Lee and Irene Fagerstrom, Michael and Gladys Tigani and Nora Martin for recounting much of this history. There are many stories of God's faithfulness over the years; these are just a few of the headlines. 

May God be glorified in the Church of Jesus Christ both now and forevermore!